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OMC-139 Marine Wind Display

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  • Double led circle
  • Gust display
  • 2 minutes average & 10 minutes average
  • Remote brightness control (optional)
  • Compatible with several wind sensors

The OMC-139 is a marine wind display for indication of relative wind speed and direction. This display can read in the information of several wind speed and direction sensors and is standard provided with a NMEA0183 output. The OMC-139 is suitable for flush mount and is housed in a standard 144×144 housing. Besides the normal Obsermet front, the unit can also be supplied with a black OEM front, called the Black line.


The Obsermet digital wind display OMC-138 is a combined display
for wind speed and wind direction. The OMC-138 is provided with
a digital LED indicator for speed, and a double ring of 36 LED’s
actual and average direction information.
A second three digit display located in the lower right corner
provides gust information.
The front panel is provided with three buttons for adjusting the
brightness of the LED’s. Testing all the LED displays and entering
a set menu for adjusting display settings.
The OMC-138 will accept the output-signals directly from the series
OMC-160 and OMC-170 wind sensors, without the need of
additional interfaces. It provides the power supply to the wind
sensor, and “daisy-chain” connections are available for additional
indicators. As an option, the OMC-138 can provide analogue
output signals for speed and direction. Those can be 4…20 mA or
0…1 volt.
The display is housed in a 144×144 mm. DIN-size casing suitable
for flush mounting in a console or display panel. Unit depth is
The signal transmission of the daisy chain is: 20mA current loop,
300 Baud, ASCII-code.
The OMC-138 can display the wind speed in various scales i.e.
Miles per hour (mph). Meters per second (m/s). Knots. kilometers
per hour (km/h) and Beaufort. In addition the analogue output for
wind speed and direction can be transmitted using a variety of
averaging periods between 1 and 600 seconds.

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