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Simrad GN33-GPS Navigator

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Simrad GN33-GPS Navigator

Simrad GN33-GPS Navigator is a combination of the latest GPS and SDGPS receiver technology and optional built-in differential receiver for accurate positioning, plus: detailed cartography – all in a unique slim-line design with a bright 6” TFT color or mono-chrome display.The GN33 chart system includes a built-in world chart for rough planning and overview. The choice of chart system best suitable for the GN33 was carefully singled out to be the C-MAP NT+ mini cards. The optional C-MAP charts are available world-wide at your local Simrad dealer.

The Global Positioning System is at this time and age the most common system used for navigation and positioning all over the world. Not only for maritime use, but also for land-based applications and aviation. The satellite-based system has been developed and is operated by the US Department of Defense in order to provide an accurate and reliable service, which include a 24-hour global coverage. The GPS system consists of approx.

24 satellites which orbit around the Earth at an altitude of approx. 20,200 km. The satellites transmit perfectly synchronized data. However, depending on the position, the signals will reach the receiver at a slightly different time. By adding the measured time difference to the known position of the satellites it is possible to calculate the ship’s position to within a few meters.

Simrad GN33-GPS Navigator Features

    • SDGPS (WAAS and EGNOS)
    • Built in two channel differential receiver (also available without).
    • Latitude, longitude, four decimals.
    • SA and GPS status indicator.
    • 118 local chart datums.
    • Magnetic variation.
    • Dual speed display.
    • 10 step speed and course filter.
    • Range, bearing and time to go.
    • Estimated time of arrival.
    • Required speed/arrival time.
    • Leg and total route distance.
    • Local and UTC time and date.
    • Two resetable trip logs.
    • Point to point calculations.
    • 200 pulses per NM output.
    • Twin station operation – high speed data link
Contact us now for availability and price on Simrad GN33-GPS Navigator. We ship worldwide.
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