Simrad HS50 GPS Compass is a GPS compass that provides true heading output with position, velocity and rate of turn information in addition. This product replaces several vessel instruments with one compact navigation package: gyrocompass, GPS system, speed log and Rate Of Turn (ROT) indicator.

The Sensor unit contains two GPS sensors, electronic board with I/O and an inertial rate element. The Sensor unit is to be mounted in the vessel’s mast or flat on a roof or deck.

The Display unit contains an LCD for navigation information, mainboard with CPU, flash, power and I/O, and buttons for setup and operation of the HS50 system.

The Processing unit contains the mainboard with CPU, flash, power, I/O and a terminal list.

The HS50 system has the following features:
  • True heading anywhere on earth
  • Replaces several instruments with one robust, integrated product
  • Heading available in periods of GPS drop-outs
  • 20 Hz update rate on heading and rate of turn measurements
  • 80°/sec follow-up rate
  • Three RS-232 and three RS-422 configurable output serial lines
  • Output data on Ethernet
  • Only one cable (no coax) between the mast unit and the Processing unit on the bridge
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