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JRC JMA-9123 7XA/9XA 9900 Series ARPA RADAR

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  • 23” high visibility LCD screen
  • Digital signal processing
  • Wide dynamic range receiver
  • High speed version available
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JRC’s new JMA-9100 ARPA radar series integrates the latest leading technologies and represents a significant step change in terms of reliable performance and cost-effectiveness, making it one of the most advanced radar products available today. Constaview™ The second generation and patented Constaview™ is realized through the use of three high-speed processors (in-house Tornado™ technology). All info gathered by the radar is fully processed within a few milliseconds before displayed, generating a smooth image rotation when sailing in Head-Up mode. When changing to North-Up, the new radar image is displayed without any delay caused by the scanner rotation. Select a Trial Length Other ship’s movement and speed can be monitored from length and direction of their trails, primary serving for collision avoidance.

The JMA-9100 radar series integrates three different trail length modes that will show a ship’s course instantly, a unique operational feature that allows for more flexibility. Wide Dynamic Range Receiver The new JMA-9100 series integrates a wide dynamic range receiver that, compared to conventional models, significantly improves the differentiation of noise and targets under sea clutter. The radar system overcomes different sources of unwanted signals, maintaining a constant level of overall visible clutter.

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